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RUE MORGUE’S 24 Days of Halloween Toys Mystery Calendar: DAY 21

Friday, October 28, 2022 | Collectibles, Toys


Greetings to all Spooky Kids! Today is DAY 21 of our 24 Days of Halloween Toys Mystery Calendar! Each day from now ’til the high holiest of creepy days, you’ll be able to click on a vid below and reveal the TERRORS that hide beneath … on the lazy Susan … OF DOOOOM!!!

Disclaimer: RUE MORGUE is not responsible for anyone’s brain exploding from fright. Thank you for watching!

Dead, Dead Cat Head
 When you think of the perfect item for home decor this spooky season, look no further than Dead … Dead …  Cat Head! What better way is there to tell your guests that you are down with the creepness than to place Dead Dead Cat Head in the center of your dinner spread? He’s the life of the party! He’s the talk of the town. He won’t beg for food cuz his belly is 6 feet underground! It’s Dead Dead Cat Head! NEW FROM RUE!
And coming just in time for the holidays … Dead Dead Girlie Cat Head! She comes with fashion-forward purple hair that falls out when you brush it! Sings three Doja Cat songs! She’s Corpstacular!!

Check back here every day until Halloween for more unspeakable playthings!

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